About me

  • Who's behind phpMiX?

    Hi! :-) my online nick is Markus. Well, I also use markus_petrux (in memory of my grandfather) on some big boards such as the phpBB website (mostly because markus is already taken by someone else). I live with my family in a little village (around 6200 people) called Llagostera in the region of Girones, Catalunya, Spain, Europe.

  • How do you define yourself?

    A family man, romantic, an unquiet mind... though, wait! ...it doesn't matter much how one defines himself, what counts is what you do, how you do it and how do you (and those around you) feel about it...

  • Hobbies?

    I enjoy many other things (besides computers) like most of you out there, I think. It worths to mention, that I've practiced a lot of different sports. I love outdoors, the mountain, the snow, the sea. I may post some photos in the future. Now, I can't practice some of those hobbies, because my twins are little. Though, they grow fast. :-)

  • First computer?

    A 80286 running MS-DOS that I bought around 1986 or so. That was time when I got my first job programming in COBOL under MS-DOS and SCO Xenix platforms.

  • First online experience?

    It was around 1990 with compuserve (and a 9600 bps modem) I created my first web page when they launched ourworld.

  • First contribution online?

    One of my hobbies was about hacking everything about my computer. Specially, I was interested on the BIOS or how the operating system was internally implemented, so I found books such as Undocumented DOS by Andrew Schulman or Minix by Andrew S. Tanenbaum pretty interesting. When Windows 95 was released, as part of my hobby, I dissected the inners of the Long File Names implementation and, why not?, I sent that information to Ralph Brown. He used my notes to update his Interrupt List (track). I couldn't believe it! Oh, another little thing, I helped Robert Vivrette with an issue related to the Windows Help files he was using for UNDU, The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users. The next issue had my name on the cover! (sadly, his website is not online anymore). Ah, memories...

  • Recent online activities?

    I didn't had much time for internet, until 2003, when I wanted to create a family website. I started to find tools for that, and ended up trying MX-System, a phpBB based portal. This is where I started to learn about PHP, modern web design and programming techniques.

    Since then, I like to spend some of my spare time collaborating in some open source projects such as MX-System (I created several modules and was part of the mxBB Team during some time), phpBB (I created some MODs and joined the MOD Team in July '95), did some experiments with Wordpress and now, also Drupal, a very nice CMS.