About phpMiX.org

  • What does the domain name mean?

    I guess php is clear, most of my latest programming activities are based on it. MiX has a really special meaning. It's the initials of my name and my wife's (Markus i Xus). The word "i" (in catalan, my mother tongue) is "and", that is MiX means "Markus and Xus" (a romantic concept, if you wish ;-). Oh, ah, credits where due, the color was inspired by the phpBB logo.

  • Why .org?

    Well, while .com was a TLD originally meant to be used for commercial sites, .org is supposed to be related to non-profit organizations, which is what this web site is all about.

  • What's this site running?

    The main side uses Drupal and the forums are powered by phpBB, both with personal touches here and there.

  • Where did you got this theme?

    Nowhere. I spent a lot of time trying to follow all web standards and fighting against browser bugs to end up on what you are looking at now. I often test with latest versions of Firefox, Opera and IE6, and occasionally with Konqueror under Linux. If you're under another environment, please, let me know if it doesn't look good for you.

  • Did you gave up on any bugs?

    There are a couple of things (maybe more) in MSIE that I couldn't fix: 1) the left shadow of content blocks, on some pages, may appear with a small gap on the left, and 2) it is almost impossible to select text. If you know the answer, please, drop me a line.

  • Can I use your theme for my site?

    Most of the things I do online are released under the GNU General Public License v2. However, I spent a lot of time trying to do something original here. Nothing special, really. It uses tricks that I've found here and there and when I learn something new (or different) I tend to write about it, 'cause I like the concept of sharing and open source. I may respect your point of view, but please respect mine as well. That being said, you're welcome to look at the HTML/CSS and use anything you might find interesting. If you do, I would very much appreciate if you send me a note about it.