Ideas for fighting spambots

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Akismet module for Drupal

Well, the Akismet module has been released and announced today and I'm just getting some food for testing thanks to a spammer who decided to bomb this site for a while. If you (spammer) read this I would like to thank you again for that... not only because Akismet worked like a charm, but also because you have made me think...

Ok, I decided I'll finally enhance the moderator panel to convert it into a form so it will be possible to operate on several items at a time (to remove spam or simply to correct false positives sending information back to akismet). I can actually do it by a simple code snippet now, but probably akismet module users would love to see this, besides getting advantge of the current cron functionality that may remove detected spam automatically, so... expect that soon. ;-)

But that's not all... what if I add an option to generate a delay (or a ban) when spam is detected, before sending the response to the spammer? Well, they may not need to wait, so... what if I add this delay (or ban) to all requests to posts made by known spammers? I'm not thinking about permanent actions, just a measure to prevent from getting attacked by spambots. For permanent actions, there are other options such as .htaccess bans, Drupal access rules, the troll module and so on...

If you have ideas on that direction, please share them here... or is it ok as it is?

Akismet module v1.0.0 for Drupal 4.7

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Akismet module for Drupal

After several days of work and tests here at, I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of about 2000 lines of code compiled into Akismet module v1.0.0 for Drupal 4.7.

You are encouraged to visit the Akismet site to learn more about it. In just a few words...

phpBB 2.0.21 released and patched!

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At this time, if you're running a phpBB based board you probably know that phpBB 2.0.21 was released a couple of days ago (if not, you should... hmm... why not subscribe to their mailing list?). Although, it just includes several bug fixes and 2 routines backported from Olympus, one of the fixes is related to a minor security issue with language selection.

If you haven't noticed yet, there was a bug introduced in the new language selection code that is executed when the user data is being populated (function init_userprefs). The package has not been updated, but a patch has been committed to CVS and published next to the release announcement.

Update: the 2.0.21 package has been updated!

Take care and happy patching! ;-)

Protected by Akismet

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Akismet module for Drupal

This site is now running live a module that uses Akismet to check for spam in real time. This is something I starter to write a few months ago, but I had to delay because Drupal 4.7 was not stable enough. But now it's been a few weeks it was released, and it seems I'll have some spare time this week, so I decided to blow off the dust on that folder...

It currently checks for spam in comments. I need to finish the hooks for checking nodes (in Drupal jargon it is normal posts, books, etc.) and add a report or something for the admin side of the site.

I have commited to CVS what I have right now, if you wish to check...

Drupal security team is doing a great job

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Drupal 4.7 was released a few weeks ago and there have been a couple of updates, with a number of security related fixes, already.

In my opinion it can only mean that the Drupal security team is doing a great job now. :-)


phpMiX SourceForge Project

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phpMiX Site News

I registered a project at SourceForge almost a year ago, though it was basically empty. I'm glad that after the recent CVS changes at I finally found the time to commit all phpMiX code to CVS.

Even if it is only to have them at hand, the relevant links to get access to this resource are:

In addition to that, each node in the projects section of this site has a link to the corresponding directory of the online CVS viewer.

All in all, I believe this is the last step I planned sometime ago when I decided to migrate this site to Drupal... but you never know :-) I hope it will all make it easier for everyone to use.

Site Update in Projects Area

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phpMiX Site News

I'm about to release a new plugin for WordPress (I'll post about it soon), but before I wanted to reorganize the Projects area. I was not really happy using the Drupal Project module for what I really need here. The Project module is what I've been using since I migrated my site to Drupal, and it is what they use for their Downloads area. It has a lot of features to completely manage project issues, synchronized with CVS and more. However, that's kind of overkill here, I should say, not to mention that I highly prefer to use my phpBB based forums for support et all ;-)

So I ended up getting into another Drupal module...

SourceForge changes to CVS service

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I just received a mail that comes with great news about SourceForge CVS service. However, it will require some changes in the way we are currently accessing the CVS (project checkouts, annonymous exports, and so on).

Even if you're not administering a project, I think it might be of your interest to read what staff has emailed to project administrators (you might need to update your CVS client).

Here's the news:

One of primary services, CVS, suffered a series of interrelated, critical hardware failures in recent weeks. We understand how frustrating this CVS outage must be to you and your users; however, our top priority remains preservation of the integrity of your data.

The series of CVS hardware failures prompted us to expedite the deployment of planed improvements to our CVS infrastructure, drawing upon much of the knowledge that we gained from our Subversion deployment. Our improved CVS service architecture, which we plan to deploy tomorrow afternoon (2006-05-12), will offer greater performance and stability and will eliminate several single points of failure.

The Site Status page will be updated as soon as the new infrastructure is rolled out. In the interim, please read the important information provided below to learn about how these changes will affect your project.

Summary of changes, effective 2006-05-12...