Google PageRank eXperiences

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Looking at Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search

This is a follow up on the "Moving content and search engines" post [1], related to the Google's page rank issue with the "How to create a dynamic signature" guide [2]. When I wrote that post [1], links to the guide [2] started to appear at page 6, so I was wondering how effective the mod_rewrite trick to generate an HTTP 301 error (redirect permanent) was going to be...

Let's see how many time it takes to get rid of the old references.

Well, just checked again and I was kindly surprised. When searching at Google for dynamic+signatures, the guide [2] was found on the first page! In fact, it was the first link! :-)

So... what's interesting with this experience?

Dynamic TextArea Resizer

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The first time I saw a resizable textarea was using TinyMCE, then I've seen this implemented in WordPress, then in Drupal. After some time, I started to feel consumed by the need to find this feature in other tools that I often use too, such as phpBB... here's where I finally decided to do something about it, but rather than writing a phpBB MOD, I decided to write a generic DYNamic TextArea Resizer (DYNTAR), a standalone javascript snippet that's easily plugable to any website. It's pretty small, coded with a non-intrusive approach and it should work on any DOM capable browser.

This article explains how it works and how you can add this gadget to your own website.

Moving content and search engines

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I was kind of innocent when I wrote the dynamic signatures guide, as a response of a forum question. I could never imagine the success of this guide. I'm sure it is one of the most important factors contributing to this site's page rank. Nothing spectacular, but given that the community activity here is not very high, I believe I can feel quite happy with it.

If you tried to search for "dynamic signatures" (I guess this is a competitive enough combination of words) at Google, Yahoo! or MSN, you ended up finding that little guide, close to the top of the list. At this time, it seems Yahoo! and MSN have noticed the change, however, this is not the case with Google.

I'm very happy to think it has been of some help for one or two out there. However, I moved the guide here from my old website. The URL (and even the domain) is now different. How could I tell Google about this change?

Actually, I have a little problem with this guide that I'm planning to solve using a mod_rewrite trick ...

Update: Yep, it looks like it worked!

.cat domains

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First .cat domains are online: (the first one),,, ...

This is great! I feel happy! :-)

If you have some spare time, let me point to Cultural diversity in cyberspace: The Catalan campaign to win the new .cat top level domain by Peter Gerrand. It is impressive to see how, sometimes, things depend on a great person, such as Amadeu Abril. My hat off, Sir.

Where is the WP-TinyMCE plugin?

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WP-TinyMCE is a plugin I made when I was using WordPress for my blog, but that was version 1.5. Although WordPress 2.x includes TinyMCE, my logs are telling me that some of you out there are still looking for WP-TinyMCE.

Catalonian castellers powering Sun's website

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CastellersSomething special happened today when reading my email. A friend pointed me to Sun's website, where a very nice surprise was waiting.

It is not only that Sun's homepage has a nice photo of Catalonian Castellers, but also the slogan they have choosen "Powering the Participation Age".

I'm always proud to feel Catalan, but there are times that it makes me feel really good.

They made my day! :-)

DB2 for Linux and Windows Free!

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IBM introduces DB2 Express-C, a version of DB2 Universal Database Express Edition (DB2 Express) for the community. DB2 Express-C is a no-charge data server for use in application development and deployment. Providing the same core data server features as DB2 Universal Database Express Edition, DB2 Express-C offers a solid base to build and deploy all applications including: C/C++, Java, .NET, PHP, and more.

Source: DB2 Universal Database Express Edition for Linux and Windows

I was administering DB2 on mainframes for about 10 years. Now, from a web developer point of view, I'm very glad that, finally, IBM decided to do step on the right direction.

How to create a dynamic signature?

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This tutorial just shows you one of lots of possible implementations to create dynamic signatures. A dynamic signature is a banner image which is dynamically generated by a small script. So you can use a default background image and write over it any information. The limit is your own imagination.

Actually, I'm going to explain how I implemented mine and post the resources I used. As I believe it might be useful to share the basics. I hope you learn something, as well as I did, sometime ago. ;)

The samples used here use a GIF image for the background and generate a PNG image using GD functions present in almost all PHP installations. So, if you need another approach, you should change the relevant pieces in the code itself to adapt the samples to your own needs.