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    The akismet module for Drupal allows you to use the Akismet Service to protect your site from being spammed.

    In order to use the Akismet Service, you need a WordPress.com API key. If you don't have one already, you can get it by simply signing up for a free account at WordPress.com. Please, consult the Akismet FAQ for further information.


    • Ability to check for spam in comments and/or nodes, sending a query to Akismet, in real time.
    • The actual content types that should be checked can be selected from the settings panel.
    • Real time connections can be disabled.
    • Detected spam is still recorded into database. However, a cron task can be customized to automatically remove spam older than a specified age.
    • Moderators can submit missed spam or false possitives (ham) back to Akismet.
    • Users may inherit moderator status depending on permissions assigned to them such as 'administer nodes', 'administer comments' or a set of 'moderate spam in <content-type>' permissions created by this module.
    • Ability to perform publish/unpublish and submit spam/ham operations from links at the bottom of content.
    • Enhanced moderator queue for nodes and comments aimed to help moderators to review spam, unpublished or even published content. (enhanced in v1.1.0)
    • An experimental set of anti-spambot measures that can be configured from the settings panel. (new in v1.1.0)
    • All operations are logged to watchdog, trying not to generate a lot of records though.
    • Spam counter that also reminds the 'counting since date'. This information can be changed at will from the settings panel.
    • The spam counter is displayed on the settings panel and the moderation queue. It can also be displayed to user by means of a fully configurable and themable block.
    • There is also an option in the settings panel that allows administrators set how many blocks they wish to use (or none at all). This is aimed to keep the block administration panel as clean as possible. Each block can be customized independently.
    • Opt-in option for content administrators and moderators to receive e-mail notifications about new (or updated) content, only content needing approval or nothing at all. The site administrator can disable this option, though. If enabled, content administrators and moderators will have a new block of settings in their user profiles.
    • Comprehensive settings panel where every option has been self documented with descriptions. Almost every feature can be customized.
    • A couple of buttons are included in the contrib subdirectory for those who use the control panel module. I'm not really good with graphics, I did it the best that I could...
    • Finally, this module has a simple, but hopefuly useful, version checker. It can check for updates at intervals that are customized in the settings panel. This option can be disabled.
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