Akismet for phpBB is coming nicely

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Douglas Bell (aka Fountain of Apples) is working on an integration of Akismet with phpBB and he has just finished the first in a series of development phases along a nice introduction on what's all about.

If you're running a phpBB based board, you might want to keep an eye to the development topic of this promising MOD. ;-)

Thanks for the free press,

Thanks for the free press, Markus. :P

You're doing a great thing, so...

...and blogs (or sites with RSS feeds) spread faster than a topic deep inside the phpBB dev forums. ;)

I would like to open my forums to guests, but I can't because of spam. Your MOD is going to open that door. Thanks to your work, Akismet (really godsend) is soon to be here for the whole phpBB community. Isn't that great?

PS: Oh, ah, lol. It seems I merely blogged about it before you did. :P

This project has been closed before its finished

This project has been closed before its finished... I'm tired lurking around already.

I'm going to start my own PHPBB Akismet right away.