Akismet module v1.1.2 for Drupal 4.7

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As soon as version 1.1.0 was released this site was visited by a nice spambot and I realized that there were a couple of minor bugs in the spambot detection code. Rather than waiting for some time to see if more bugs arise I decided to fix and release it asap. Those of you who are running v1.1.0, all you need to do is update the script akismet.module with the new one, which makes the upgrade path really simple. Hence version 1.1.2 is out.


  • Fixed bug: Do not apply anti-spambot checks if there have already been errors detected in the form.
  • Fixed bug: Do not check for empty body/mail in anti-spambot prevention code.
  • Added a function to expand the SQL query used to match spambots. This is hopefully better, for debugging purposes.

Installation and upgrade instructions are provided in the file INSTALL.txt included in the package. Only the script akismet.module has been changed since version 1.1.0.

Guestbook spam?

Does your akismet module also protect the Drupal guestbook module?

Sorry, only nodes and comments...

At this point in time, only nodes (of any type) and comments are supported.

However, I think I'll have to add some kind of API or hooks to allow other modules (maybe the trackback module, guestbook...) to benefit from the Akismet Service and, probably, the spam moderation queue and other features provided by this module.

I haven't used the guestbook module myself, but it looks like it could be emmulated by creating a node titled "guestbook" with comments allowed. Maybe that could be a temporary workaround, at least, for the site guestbook.

A reference at akismet.com on guestbooks

Just wanted to quote the following posted on the Akismet blog:

Second we've seen a lot of use of the Akismet API for things which aren't blogs at all, like feedback forms, guestbooks, and more. For this type of use people might find it easiest to purchase commercial use based on the number of calls they make to Akismet, so we conjured up a new system called the Access API, which also starts at $50 a month.

Anyway, I guess it probably depends on the number of calls to the Akismet servers everyone may send... in case of doubt, better ask them. ;-)

That being said, as per my previous comment, I'll try to think about some kind of API to allow other modules make Akismet calls using the methods implemented in this module. In fact, the functions related to the Akismet API itself are separated from the rest of the code and written from a generic point of view, though I didn't thought much about other modules managing other types of content using that, so it may change...

Trackback spam

I'm really wondering how to filter the trackback spam I get

I thought maybe trackback needs to implement it http://drupal.org/node/80558
then I asked other folks and got no success answer http://drupal.org/node/80547#comment-148196

what's your take?


I replied here...


I'll try to monitor that thread...