Busy IRL, but happier than ever

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I would like to mention that I'm very busy in real life these days, I haven't had the time to produce new content here at phpMiX.org since July and I presume it will be that way for the next couple of months or so. I hope to have the time to get back as soon as possible.

I have recently changed my day job, it is now my first job directly related to internet, at meristation.com. It's a games related magazine (all platforms) in spanish, with more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month, which is about to cross the 2000 rank at Alexa, a challenge.

I'm taking over all technical matters such as system administration (there are several web servers behind a load balancer and a proxy cache, also several mysql servers), but also site development (phpBB based forums and a proprietary CMS that, well, I'm planning to migrate sometime to, prolly, Drupal).

I'm very, very happy. It is also closer to home than I could have never imagined (just at a 5 minutes walk), which means I may still have some time for my wife/kids :)

Just 2 months later:

The new job going pretty well. I can't believe my dream has come true :)

Almost all matters around system administration are now fine (not pretty fine, just fine enough), close to run like a swiss watch (surprisingly enough there was no real administrator). At the application level, I have already implemented several things for the forums (as an example, an enhanced rank system based on several factors), still fixing bugs related to the CMS. Maybe next year we'll start playing with Drupal.

We are now getting around 1.8 million page views a day, around 11 thousand posts a day in the forums and ranked in Alexa below 1500 and getting close to 1000 some days, also one of the biggest phpBB based boards in the world (based on big-boards rankings).

Congrats - plans on Akismet for drupal5?


congrats on your job switch... seems like silence for months now :-)

what are your plans on Akismet for drupal5?
I tried the 4.7 but obviously at least a module-config must be added

Also the Akismet-integration into my comment_notifier module is still on my TODO


Sorry, too busy to work on it, so...

Sorry, too busy to work on it, so I started to find someone to take over this module.


I believe, that's the best I can do at this moment.

Akismet takeover?

Hey there!

I'm working my way through the 5.0 port, and so far it's just a matter of fixing one of the generated sql queries, and figuring out why spam comments are still published after being flagged as spam. I think it might just be necessary to rework the FAPI magic after the changes in version 5.

Would you mind my creating a project for it on Drupal.org?

That's exactly what the author wants!

... as you can see at a certain page at drupal.org: http://drupal.org/node/68535#comment-181871

I'd definitely be using your 5.x compatible version of this module ;) :)