Where is the WP-TinyMCE plugin?

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WP-TinyMCE is a plugin I made when I was using WordPress for my blog, but that was version 1.5. Although WordPress 2.x includes TinyMCE as part of its core features, my logs are telling me that some of you out there are still looking for WP-TinyMCE.

If you haven't noticed yet, I have just closed blog.phpmix.com down, where I was using WordPress and where I felt the need to offer an alternative WYSIWYG solution, my WP-TinyMCE plugin. I was kindly surprised by the success of that idea. It was downloaded more than 1000 times in just a few weeks. That was much more than any other piece of software I ever made. Well, apart from my phpBB MODs available from the phpBB site too, but I do not have counters for that.

A few weeks ago, in the hope to minimize maintainance time and dedication, I decided to reorganize my web sites, moving all my stuff related to open source to the site you're looking at now. At the same time WordPress developers were about to launch 2.0 and they included TinyMCE into the core itself. So, I decided to abandon further development of my WP-TinyMCE plugin. That's it.

I have made the WP-TinyMCE plugin available from this site (project). Please note, however, that it is not supported anymore.

What makes you keep using WordPress 1.5?

I'm just curious because during the past few weeks I've been working on another plugin (a completely different thing though, not related to TinyMCE) and I've been focussed on WordPress 2.0 only. To make the user interface easier it depends on some 2.0 only features, I should say. WordPress 2 comes with new features that are really nice, both, from the developer and user point of view, I think. Also, sooner or later, support for 1.5 will be discontinued, I guess...

However, I'm still getting visits of some of you that are looking for WP-TinyMCE...

If you have a couple of minutes, would you mind posting here what makes you keep using WordPress 1.5? Is it because your blog depends on a plugin or theme that's not been ported yet ...or?

...or do you know about a similar discussion about it posted somewhere else?

Joomla users, please read

I have recently discovered that my plugin is being used by people running Joomla. That is what my webserver logs seem to be telling me.

Sadly, I haven't had the time to look at Joomla myself, so I would appreciate a bit of information... if you're running Joomla, please take the time to reply:

- Is Joomla running WordPress 1.5?
- Is Joomla running WordPress 2.0?
- Has my plugin been ported to Joomla?
- Is it still useful for WordPress 2.0?

Depending on that, I may try to think about adapting WP-TinyMCE for WP 2.0, but using the TinyMCE library that already comes with WP.


Joomla & your plugin

I run Joomla and use the JD-WP plugin from http://projects.j-prosolution.com/, (formerly Joomladeveloping.org or something like that). It uses WP 2.0. I don't beleive your plug in has been ported because that is what I was looking for when I found your page. I was looking for it for kentuckycheerleading.org, not my personal site listed above. I think it would be useful because I haven't found a way to turn on a WYSIWYG editor in JD-WP.

I hope this helps.


The joomla wordpress extension/bridge is using wordpress 2.0 rc1. there is a tinymce plugin supplied with it and it seems to work great!!




(love your work btw)

I have just started to dabble with Joomla (after an aborted attempt at Mambo) and the in-built editor is...


by default.

Apart from (wonderful) functionality I could not claim to know if Joomla is based on wordpress (anything) but it doesn't feel like it. Apparently the developers of Mambo fell out with the proprieters and moved on - taking a loyal crowd with them. It is now incorporated into the, ubiquitous, Fantastico cPanel addon alongside Mambo. They vie for the crown of free content management platform and the smart money seems to be with the coders ;-)

If you like I will keep in touch as I try my hardest to break said platform.


Joomla Open-WordPress installed

I have built an intranet with joomla and have 99% successfully installed and using Open-WP, which is a component built for Joomla that uses WordPress in it's entirety. I followed the instructions to install the JD-TinyMCE plugin but it doesn't work for me so i'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. The WYSIWYG basic editor with teh Open - WP doesn't work that well for me - I can't upload images and the whole 'upload images' box only shows when the administrator is logged in, not the users - they get error code instead.

Overall, I love the Open-WP inside Joomla - it looks professional and is relatively easy to use. I just wish I could get the right WYSIWYG editor to work for me.

I have installed 2.0 - (http://projects.j-prosolution.com/en/projects/os-projects/project-openwp.html)

I have only just found your site so will keep on reading and hopefully I can find my answers....